Miu Miu seude satchel - anyone remember it?

  1. Earlier this spring I saw a seude Miu Miu on both the NM & Saks sites but now I can't find it. It came in gold or a camel colour they called deserto. Do any of you remember it or what it's proper name was as I'm trying to track it down through the Miu Miu stores? Any help gratefully received.
  2. Sarajane, are you itching for another Coffer!? :smile:
    The color you describe sounds pretty. I've only seen the suede in dark brown though.
  3. I need a navy bag for an interview and I've narrowed it down to the calfskin hobo - now I've just got to find one. It would be easy if I could order from NM or BG but that's a nightmare as we get hammered with customs taxes.