Miu Miu sales?

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  1. Hi gals,
    I am new to Miu Miu and after browsing through the threads, i noticed some of you had good buys at 40% discounts. Wanna check if MM boutiques have sales every year? When are the sales period, especially for Hong Kong and Singapore? Are all products on sales? Should i wait for MM sales to buy my dream bag? Thanks.
  2. Sales are usually around May and December in the US. I am not sure about the dates in Singapore and Hong Kong but I do know that not all bags go on sale, only some. About waiting for the sale to buy the bag, I would say it depends on which bag you like, seasonal colors tend to go on sale, as well as seasonal bags...but for example a black coffer will rarely, if ever, go on sale at a boutique....
  3. Very useful infor, thanks Butterfly. I just bought a black medium Charm at regular price, hopefully it will not be a sale item :smile:
  4. Oh and btw, from what I have read in this forum people from Singapore and Asia have ordered from the Bal Harbour and Beverly Hills boutiques in the US when there has been a sale as I believe regular prices are cheaper in the US than Asia.
  5. Oh, need to catch up the forum to find out more. I am so satisfied with my Charm that i intend to get another colour, so need to find cheaper ones. I have few LV bags, but i think i am going to be MM addict :smile:
  6. Congrat jessang, any pics to let us drool at?

    Btw, how do we go about ordering from Bal Harbour and Beverly Hills boutiques? Do they ship to SG>
  7. if you have friends going to HK, there is a factory outlet that stocks miu miu bags at great discounts!
  8. Hi erinz, i haven't taken any photos, will post if i take. Re ordering from BH, i haven't figure out how to go about doing it. Very interested to know too. Can anyone help us. Thx
  9. Hi girlfromars, such a pity, i just came back from HK. Didn't know there is a MM factory outlet. sigh....
  10. usually cheaper to get from US or net-a-porter.
    do search on the miu miu forum for the SAs contacts. There's this Renato Algae fella. He's very helpful!

    But i'm still puzzled.I'm contemplating getting this quilted leather bag from Renato. He quoted me US 1280 for the small size and 1380 for the medium size.
    But in the Singapore boutique, the SA quoted me SGD 2050 for the small one. In other words, I might be after shipping+taxes, I might be better off just getting straight from the boutique.

    So babe, i advise you do a little reccee before your purchase. and MiuMiu/Prada holds sale during May for seasonal items in Singapore. And after sales, is usually a price increase! :sad:
  11. oh will the sale at the melbourne boutique be at a similar time?
  12. not sure about melbourne though. :/
  13. what's the address? should note it down before my YE trip! :yahoo:
  14. Hi do you have the address in Hongkong? I just came back from Hongkong and didn't know there was one :sad:
  15. Hi lomdes,

    I do agree that the sales price for MM in US and SG had not much of difference but in terms of stock availability and range. USA MM had a larger sales range while SG had limited and by the time the sale is open to public. It will left with those which are not pretty liked by many people coz most of the time those nice ones will be sold out during the VIP sales.