Miu miu sale in uk??


Jun 11, 2007
^right, has anyone heard of any of the retail stores having a sale soon? i really liked their shoes this season; eyeing 3 pairs and buying them at retail's not possible!
Dec 30, 2007
Miu Miu heaven
I read somewhere last year that miu miu sale's at selfridge were going to be on boxing day...but I am not sure that's true every year...and I am not in the UK (I wish though, Oxford Street calls my name every day!)


Nov 7, 2010
I saw the mini bow bag yesterday and is completely in love with it!! Does anybody knows whether there's any sales in UK soon? Thanks in advance :biggrin:
Prada and MIU MIU tend to have their UK sales mid-December. Usually they send out sale notice mail outs, to those on their mailing lists for 18th December. They usually have a pre-sale price for return customers who are on their books and whom they give pre-sale notice too a few days before the main sale. so it won't be long now actually until they start reducing their prices. of course the annoying things is that when it comes to hand bags certain models of bags never get reduced, whereas dept. store outlets tend to reduce all their stock.

Happy shopping!


Nov 19, 2007
London, UK
Just FYI, I rang Harrods to ask about stock of colours and they said their current status is "end of season, five weeks from sale". This pretty much takes us to boxing day then, as expected. However they also said that, as mentioned before, the classic colours (nero, and any browns or taupes) won't go into sale, only the seasonal colours and anything particularly bright!

They also said they got extra stock of bows on Friday to anticipate the demand during the 10% off event, so it's certainly worth a peek if you're around town.


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Nov 27, 2010
I work in Selfridges and miu miu will be going on sale on boxing day (you'll have to get up pretty early to make the queue though)