MIU MIU reveal!!!

  1. Hello!
    I recently got miu miu for the presale last week. hope you will like it.
    IMG_0892.jpg IMG_0893.jpg
  2. Look forward to seeing what you got.
  3. Me too!
  4. Here they are!!
    IMG_0911.jpg IMG_0912.jpg IMG_0913.jpg
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    Wow!! Congrats for your beautiful goodies!! May I ask about the Miu Miu pumps, are they run true to size? I’m thinking about getting one of their pumps, but not sure which size should I get, TIA!
  6. I normally wear size 6 but I got 6.5 for this pair.
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  7. Congrats! Great items.
  8. Gorgeous. Those shoes a hot. Congrats.
  9. OMG CONGRATS!!! That beautiful Madras bag is out of this world!!! It reminds me of the Miu Lady collection they currently have! Timeless with the pearls! Congrats
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