Miu Miu Return: No hope?

  1. So I ordered the Miu Miu Bow satchel from the store in NY but it just doesn't look good on me. I just read here that their return policy is no refund!?
    Not even the first 7 days like LV? I'm soooo sad, it's a lot of money for a student like me and the SA never told me about the policy....
  2. I believe you get store credit.
  3. That sucks! :sad: I'm pretty sure Prada is the same way.
  4. Yes...you can only get a store credit from Prada...but Prada makes sure that their return policy is understood before they send out anything...I would think Mui Mui would have the same policy...
  5. I would return the bag for store credit. What color bow satchel did you get? If it's a popular color, you can maybe sell it on eBay. But again, I'd return it to get the full credit for the amount paid.
  6. Thanks for the feedback....I got black but the prob is there isn't another bag I'd probably want to exchange it for.
    I guess I'll just have to suck it up and keep it?
  7. Maybe it will grow on you :smile: I think the bow satchel in black is lovely!
  8. What color is your bag? Why don't you sell it online? If it's a RARE color, alot of girls are looking for it!!
  9. Oh I'm keeping it :smile: I've grown to LOVE it
  10. ^what a funny chain of events! Glad you're loving your new bag now!