Miu Miu Question - Newbie :)

  1. I am starting to collect designer handbags and I have deceided that my next purchase will be a miu miu bag.

    So first question - Do these bags come with dustbags and a box (like my louis vuitton did) or just the dustbag?

    Second question - Which one of these bags is better?

    Matelasse large tote bag


    Coffer bag

  2. Are you a tote person or a shoulder bag person? Squareish bag person or more rounded bag person? The thin strap on the tote is not all that comfortable in the Prada gauffre totes when you wear as a shoulder bag -- having seen pics of Reese W with her coffer -- it looked more comfortable as a shoulder bag.
    Really depends on those two things I think.
  3. I have purchased 4 bags from NAP and 3 of the 4 came in beautiful NAP boxes (really gorgeous black boxes). However, I have purchased numerous Miu Miu bags on-line and have never received any of them in a Miu Miu box. They do, however all come in a Miu Miu dustbag. BTW - if you purchase from NAP, you receive an extra NAP dustbag. As far as which bag I prefer? I'm a Coffer fanatic. Ever since I purchased my first Coffer........I've been hooked.:yes: The Coffer IMO is the perfect bag. It is a great size, has, both, arm strap and cross-body strap and has the wonderful front pockets which are easy access to my essentials (keys, cell phone, etc.). my vote is for the Coffer! :tup:
  4. my next bag will be a coffer. i'm obsessed with it currently. another vote for the coffer!!!
  5. miu miu bag doesnt come with a box. just a dust bag.
  6. Yes, no boxes w. Miu Miu.
  7. I prefer the Coffer, too. I love the pleating, but I also love that the Coffer's flap is smooth -- which i think enhances the overall look. And for function, the two huge pockets are the best -- they hold and hide all the small stuff with really easy access.

    I agree with everything that miu2 said -- I think it's a beautiful and very functional bag. But they are both pretty... which one do you really love?
  8. Think I prefer the Coffer too.
  9. The coffer definitely:tup:
  10. I prefer the Coffer. It will be my next bag.

    In regards to boxes--- actually, I've had boxes come with my Miu Miu bags ordered from Saks and Bergdorf Goodman. I guess it just depends on the merchant.
  11. I just purchased a Coffer and I love it. Beautiful and very functional. I vote for the Coffer also.
  12. Go for the Coffer!