Miu Miu Purse

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  1. Hi!!

    I bought a Miu Miu purse from eBay and when it arrived I found it was not real and genuine :crybaby:

    Its my own fault for not researching properly before buying.

    I am trying to get my money back via Paypal but they are asking me to:
    "obtain a document from an unbiased, third-party, such as a dealer,
    appraiser, or another individual or organization that is qualified in the
    area of the item in question (other than yourself), which clearly
    identifies the item as not authentic".

    Does anyone know the best way to do this? I live in Sheffield and have only 10 days to authenticate the purse.

    Links to the purse pics below:

    The item is not leather. The Zip pull is made of plastic and card! And the Miu Miu sign on the outside of the purse is wonky and just glued on.

    Can anyone please please help authenticat the item via this forum?

    Many Thanks!!
  2. Hi, I see you found the appropriate authentication thread in our Miu Miu forum. Please check back on that thread for an answer.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.