Miu Miu Purple Bag - anyone seen it? Like it?

  1. I am looking for a violet or purple bag and I came across this MIU MIU on Styledrops. I looked on Saks, Neimans, Bergdorf, Barneys but didnt see this bag. Anyway, what do you think? It looks lovely but I wish it had a shoulder strap. Might be a little too round but I like the color. Its either Miu Miu or I hunt down an elusive Violet Balenciaga, which I'm having no luck yet...
  2. I'm going to South Coast plaza today and I'll look for it when I'm there :smile:
  3. Hm, the color looks a bit different, sorry about that! Not sure if it's just the way the pics were taken or the computer...
  4. You're right, its the same bag - its HUGE on the mannequin at N-A-P. Guess I will have to keep looking, cause at 5'3" that would be overwhelming. I like the color, though!
  5. That's a really cute bag, the color is beautiful!
  6. Check out the violet tribute tote on the Yves St Laurent board. I just bought this bag in large. It is stunning. It comes in medium. YSL has this bag on sale at their YSL store for 60% off retail. The large was $1195.00 retail, sale $479.00. You can call any YSL store and have a sales associate do a locater for you. I am so happy with this bag.....:yahoo:
  7. That's a cute bag! Quite big, though! I just received my purple Jimmy Choo Mahala....OMG, I am in heaven!!
  8. I saw this bag at NM, but in another color. It is HUMONGOUS. I hardly ever use all-caps type, so that should tell you something about the size of this thing. The leather and look are really great, but the size just verges on redonkulous (maybe because I'm 5'2?)
  9. Saw it in purple and some turqoise colour, sitting next to two chloe bags in the same colour and similar design - I thought I was seeing double or something. Anyway, the leather isn't all that soft and the design looks cheap H&M. Sorry, don't like it
  10. I've seen a couple of other (smaller) violet/purple MiuMiu bags for Spring at the Saks and NM in Chevy Chase. Maybe wait a couple of weeks (if you can!) and hopefully more Spring things will be coming out on the shelves!