Miu Miu Pumps Opinion???


Are these shoes cute?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. So, are these cute or not so cute? Be brutally honest!!! :smile:

    Brand is Miu Miu.

    miu miu.jpg
  2. I am going with no because there is too much going on that doesn't match imo. The wooden stacked heel and the black and white weaving(?) If it was a solid color on top or a black heel maybe.
  3. ^^ I'm with hubbawubba...I'm a sucker for all things Miu Miu but this one is a real miss for the very reasons above.
  4. Yeah I saw a brown version that I think works better, especially with the wooden heel.
  5. I would wear them, but I'm not crazy about them. Is there actually white on the shoe, or is that just empty space between the weaving?
  6. They are black and white woven...no spaces. I haven't seen them IRL so my reason for asking you guys!

    I figured I would keep the outfit VERY simple and those would be the true accessory. LOL
  7. yeah, i think i'd like it better if they were just the black and open spaces....
  8. THANK GOD I ASKED YOU GIRLS. I had a momentary lapse in judgment. LOL

    My b/f had to cancel last minute on visiting me and I was so PISSED that I drank myself silly and resorted to online shopping as I knew that would cheer me up. Well, whether it was being tipsy or just bored, I saw these and thought, oh maybe they would look cute??? LOL So, yeah I woke up today and I was like thank god for TPF girls. HAHAHAHA

    Thanks again for all of your replies! :heart:
  9. Definitely not cute.
  10. I love Miu Miu shoes, but not these.:graucho:
  11. Not cute.