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  1. Hi ladies my partner is about to go to Dubai for a holiday, just wondering if anyone knows if theres a Prada or Miu Miu store there, if so where abouts is it? Is it cheaper to buy bags there then say Hong kong? How much would a coffer,the bow bag or the new harlequin bags be? Any help would b highly appreciated :tup:;)
  2. Prada is available in SAKS, Burjuman Center.. Tel: +714 3515551

    Website: http://www.burjuman.com/site/index.php

    Picture of SAKS: http://www.burjuman.com/dir/shopimages/additional_pics/pic-saks-1-zoom.jpg

    There is no boutique for Miu Miu.. I'm not sure if its is available in Dubai, but if you are interested in other brands then your partner has to check Boutique 1, Emirates Towers Boulevard.. Tel: +9714 3300000

    Website: http://www.jumeirahemiratestowers.com/lifestyle/

    Boutique Website: http://www.boutique1.com/63/Boutique-1.3.html

    Hope this helps... if you need any details just give me a PM ! *wink*
  3. Hello people:smile:

    Is Prada still available in SAKS, in Burjuman?
    Does anyone know the price of saffiano lux tote in dhs?
  4. No its not.