Miu Miu Plisse Shoulder Bag - Keep or no?

  1. I am usually a Balenciaga kinda girl but got this recently. It was love at first sight.

    Now that I have it with me, I don't know if I love it AS much anymore. On the two occasions I used it, I was thinking 'damn this IS a great bag' but then I would think 'I dunno if this is really me...'

    So I'm really torn. My gf thinks I should keep it but I'm not sure. Ack!


  2. i... wanted... this... bag... from... NM!!! & they screwed up the order!!!! :crybaby:
  3. Funny, I have the same question about this one bought at NM a few days ago! I would be interested to hear what you ladies have to say about this style.[​IMG]
  4. love them both. keep keep keep!
  5. Thanks, lilflobowl. Hey, Karenab, I'm a Balenciaga girl too. Funny that we both went for this style. I've been losing the love for b'bags lately. Any other opinions? Not to take any energy away from Karenab who started this thread, but any thoughts on how to keep this leather clean?
  6. great bag, I'd love to see a modeling pic
    can you get it on your shoulder or only with the long strap?
    I've only seen it on the mannequin at net-a-porter
  7. Mine only fits over the shoulder with the long strap. I would presume the same would be true of Karenab's.
  8. I just recently fell in love with Balenciaga and I cant get enough! However I do try and keep a well rounded collection with different brands. I was looking at bags today and I came across the same bag you have pictured. It really caught my eye and I even put some thought into getting it...I do need another black bag. I'm actually still thinking about it. I really do like it and think you should def. keep it!
  9. ^^^ Mine does fit on the shoulder. Also fits on the bend of the arm or just use the strap for messenger style.
  10. This is a very nice bag. I like the smaller one in black or dark brown a lot! I'm thinking about getting one too. :rolleyes:
    Brown pleated.jpg
  11. Definitely a keeper!
  12. checking in: another bbag fan and part-time lover of prada and ysl :shame: how does it wear on you, karenab? ;) i like the handles and wish the depth is in-between yours and Kathy K's.
  13. i love it, think both are keepers! any modeling pics?!
  14. Ohhhhhh keep them! I like the size of the Black one.
  15. Both are really nice :smile:

    What do you guys think of the hobo version?