Miu Miu Pleated Leather Tote $519.60 @ NM Hurry!!!

  1. Bag-- your killing me!! My pocket book is going to explode with all these deals. I nabbed this one!! Thanks for posting.

  2. Awesome!!! Just pray that it doesn't get cancelled. You may want to log back into your account before going to bed just to check your order. I did that the other night and found they had cancelled my Chloe bag w/o ever notifying me! :tdown:
  3. Gosh. Now that I would've liked. It's a beautiful bag.
  4. It went through and shows processed so I am assuming it is going through. Everytime in the past Neimans has cancelled on me it immediately showed in the order history as cancelled. Have you had it show as processed but then later have it change to cancelled?
  5. I hate to say yes, but I've had it happen many times. I hope you get the bag, I just love it!

  6. No..I must admit that upon first checking the order history, the status was 'cancelled'. Let's take that as a positive sign that yours will be shipped. Again...I'm happy for you that you scored on this one. TBH, I'm actually happy that they cancelled my Chloe because it was ordered on a whim. It was certainly not the Chloe of my dreams!!
  7. What a beautiful bag at an amazing price...congrats!
  8. Wow. Beautiful bag at a great $.:tup:
  9. Aargh! This is at the top of my bag list right now! And that price is ridiculous. *sigh* Just as well I missed it considering my money situation right now. :lol:
  10. Messenger back up AGAIN! :tup:
  11. Does anyone know if this bag can be carried on the shoulder? I just ordered one from NM. Thanks!