Miu Miu Phyton Coffer

  1. [​IMG]

    Does anyone like it?
    I find it spectacular and, compared to other brand's phyton bags, quite affordable.
  2. i luv it!
  3. I think it's sharp..are you getting it?
  4. Sorry, too much going on. I like Maxter's new bag because there are just the python accents.

    Eeesh! Just looking at all that going on along with the design of the Coffer makes me DIZZY! :weird:
  5. absolutely gorgeous but assume I can't afford it.
  6. It's about 1800 euros at Miu Miu store in via della sèpiga, Milan. Just today I got a call to announce pre-sale starting next saturday 16th june.
    Hopefully it'll go on 40% sale.
    I'm really thinking of it........
  7. Thanks Breena. That's not a bad price but I don't think I can wait to get it around here.

    BTW - are you from California?
  8. Is that bag all real python? I'm curious...
  9. I'm having mixed feelings. I normally love python bags and shoes (hello, python Chloe Silverado and CL simple pumps in python! :drool:), but I think the Coffer would look better with python accents, rather than the entire bag being python.

    Don't get me wrong - I love the shape of the Coffer, it's such a cool bag :supacool: But I agree with Prada Psycho, there's a bit too much going on.
  10. Wow- LOVE it! But then again I love anything python :upsidedown: It sucks that we can't get it here in CA though.
  11. I'm not an expert about phyton leather. I've seen the bag IRL at Miu Miu store and it looked real "snakeskin" with typical "scales".
    But if you think of the price...It could have been normal leather treated to look like phyton.
    I'll make a call and let you know.

    Rjez: I'm not from California (sigh!). I'm italian.
  12. I've called the store and the SA confirmed it's REAL Phyton.
  13. Wow... hmm I have a feeling it'll look MUCH better in real life. It'll be a very eye catching bag. Hey I'd buy it if it was on sale! :biggrin: