miu miu peggy in black

  1. anyone own this bag or have any thoughts about it? it's a drawstring shoulder bag, black leather...saw it on the NM website and was wondering what those of you who know the miu miu line think of it!
  2. If you're talking about the Peggy Vitello bag, I had one and sold it on eBay not too long ago. It was a really nice bag and the leather was really thick. By no means is it a smooshy style bag. It was roomy and I enjoyed it while I had it. I sold it because I like bags with outer pockets for my cell, keys, etc. Is there anything specific that you would like to know..................? ;)
  3. thanks for your response...i was looking for something not TOO hard and structured...can you tell me a bit more about it? is it a to die for bag or just sort of "so so"? i'm also looking at the miu miu napa spring bag...do you know anything about that one? i'm new to the miu miu line and would like to know as much as i can! thanks!!!
  4. Darn, I missed your Vitello peggy :sad: I have been looking for one. Was yours black or brown, bow or belted? I am looking for a brown, belted one.
  5. I had the black belted bag. ;)
  6. It was an unstructured bag with really thick leather. It was a pebbled leather that I, personally, am not a huge fan of. To me, it was a so-so bag. Nice, but not to die for IMO. Which Napa spring bag are you interested in? :smile:
  7. Arrgh...I wouldnt mind the black belted one.

    I like the leather because its easy to maintain and can be used as an everyday bag. Something that I would use to death. Its definitely not soft like lambskin or deerskin both which I wouldnt bear to use it too much ahaha...
  8. Did you get it? cos its no longer on NM.
  9. bringing this back up.. are they still selling this in store?

    is there a difference between a belted and bow one? Is the 'drawstring' adjustable? To tie from a belt to a bow?
  10. Yes that's the brown one I was telling you about in the email renato sent
  11. How much is reasonable to pay for a 08 early gen Peggy? It's preloved but seller says hardware has tarnishes but leather is stil good as hardly used.

    Did this ever went on sale?
  12. I purchased a Peggy Vitello from Neiman Marcus back in Spring 2007? and then it cost me less than $1000.00.
  13. $1000 in US?
  14. I am guessing since Neiman Marcus is in the us, but this is back in 2007. i highly dought a peggy right now would be any less than that snif snif