miu miu patent leather wallet

  1. and this wallet too..


    which one should i buy?
  2. Oh those are both cute!

    That would be really tough to decide. Are you more of a zip around or clasp person?
  3. ooh both are super cute! and both so different it's hard to choose just one... :wondering how much are they? ooh and where did you see the pink patent (2nd) one? i'm looking for a miu miu wallet as well and have no idea where to start looking! :shrugs:
  4. where did you find that pink one??? and how much is it , i thikn its too cute!
  5. I love the pink patent one - really good looking! :tup:
  6. thats the one im getting myself for my birthday!!! i saw it at Saks its 380.00. i love it!!! i was wanting a pink wallet~
  7. so you can get the pink one from Saks for 380.00 or are you talking about the other one ?
  8. Wow, I normally dislike huge gold hardware and pink colors (and especially the combo) but that wallet is amazing. It makes me happy looking at it, I'd loove to have one. It's just great!!

    Anyone know where I could get one online? (A site that ships to Europe...)
  9. where is the pink wallet available right now?
  10. Hi, I was just given the wallet as a gift, but I don't quite like the pink, I would actually like to sell it for $220, it's brand new, comes in the miu miu pink box, with the certificate of authenticity, would any of you be interested?
  11. Like everyone, I vote for the pink. It does make you think happy thoughts! Very yummy and would look great in just about any color purse. I'd say do for it!
  12. I love the pink and I really want one. There's one up on eBay now with that same picture, is that yours? Or did someone "steal" the pic in this thread?
  13. I LOVE the pink patent wallet!!! So CUTE!!!! :drool:
  14. yes that's me!;)