Miu Miu patent flats?

  1. Exceedingly late to the game, but is there any chance that I might find these adorable Miu Miu patent flats? I called a few of the big NM stores and they couldn't find one shoe to scan, let alone my size. I suspect some people who bought them online might return them, but how to find their track I can figure that out, but maybe you can. TIA
  2. They have them at Holts Renfrew in Vancouver, in different sizes, you might want to give them a call, their now or never sales started today. I tried on these flats, and they show a lot of toe cleavage though. Good luck.
  3. I just got a pair off eBay, I have seen some pop up there. also they were on sale at net-a-porter, you should check there as well! They are really cute.
  4. These were also on the sale rack at Saks as recently as last weekend...I saw them at the one in Walt Whitman Mall here on Long Island.
  5. They are available on sale at net-a-porter.com. Don't know if this helps.:smile:
  6. THEYRE SOOOO CUTE! HOPE YOU FIND THEM! then you can take pics and show them off.
  7. I bought the red version from Nordies and the Brown version from Saks last week. I believe Saks is sold out of the nude color. I have the SKU #'s for each store if you are interested