Miu Miu Patent Bowling Bag

  1. Hi all,

    I received my Miu Miu Patent Bowling Bag today...does anyone have this..and how do you like the sag factor?

    Are there different sizes? Because the one I received is huge!


    I'm not sure whether to keep this..or just to splurge and get a bow satchel (because i got the bowling bag at a discounted price)..
  2. can anyone help me? :smile:
  3. any pics?
    I have the st. cocco - is that the same as you are talking about? - but not patent.
    It is very slouchy and I love it.
  4. i will post some pics tonight... mine's the patent one...what's the difference between st. cocco's and non - st. cocco's?
  5. actually I'm not sure, I think the st. cocco has more zippers on the top

    they haven't been discussed that much on this forum, so I could be completely wrong, but that's my guess :s
  6. I have the st cocco bowling bag in dark brown mock-croc (http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/29121), as well as the bow bag in off-white.

    The st cocco is lovely -perfect for work- because it's structured with gorgeous hardware, has lots of zippered compartments to keep things organized, and is very hardy and a breeze to maintain cos it wipes off really easily. The bow bag is totally different -high maintenance cos the leather gets dirty more easily0 but it's sqwooshy and pretty and completely adorable!
  7. i returned the bowling bag! for some reason it didn't seem as structured as i think...i do like the style though...i did exchange the bag for a bow satchel...i do agree the bow satchel seems more high maintenance...hopefully i won't regret my decision!
  8. the bow bag is lovely too! very darling! what color did you get, rensky? :smile:
  9. alluminio....i'll post pics when it comes!

    can you post pics of both of your bags so i can see a comparison? maybe when the bowling bag goes on sale again i can buy it again..
  10. i've never taken any pictures of my bags before, but i'll try to take some over the weekend for you! the bow bag's a lot cuddlier and girlier, and it fits a LOT of things. alluminio's one of the prettiest colors, you'll love it!