miu miu or balenciaga?

  1. thinkin of getting a white purse...i went to Saks yesterday and saw miu miu's white leather bow satchel(pretty cute) or balenciaga city bag(never seen it)??? gimme suggestions~ thnx
  2. The Balenciaga is amazing! The style is classic yet totally hip.
  3. Balenciaga for sure!
  4. b-bag for me..
  5. I have not seen the Miu Miu but the Balenciaga city is a great bag!
  6. I'm a b-bag girl all the way, so I'd definitely say City; it's a very versatile and classy choice!
  8. another vote for the bbag!
  9. balenciaga yeahhhhh!!!!
  10. balenciaga

    believe me!!!u will love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Balenciaga's are hot ^^
  12. Yet another Balenciaga vote!
  13. balenciaga......
  14. I love bbags, but also love the mm bow satchel. Tough choice. But if you already have a bbag, I'd get the satchel.
  15. Haven't seen the miu miu, but I'll vote for it just to be contrary :graucho: .
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