miu miu -opinions. short or tall bowler??

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  1. hi miu miu luvers:heart:

    i'm going to get a bowler...but i can't decide between the shorter, rounder style LINK or
    the longer, taller style LINK

    i'm leaning towards the taller bag as i think it's tres chic and i love the grey and black combo...but the rounder one is cute?

    eek. help! anybody got either? thoughts?

  2. I guess it depends on how tall you are. I normally shy away from bags over 12" tall but that's because I'm short and I don't need a bag hanging on me to make me look any closer to the ground. Stylewise, i think they're both beautiful shapes that could go well with a lot of casual and even professional outfits.

    Have you tried any of these bags on? It's always best if you can compare them while wearing them.

    Sorry, I'm no help at all.
  3. the tall one!!
  4. tks girls,
    i'm 5"4 so not tiny but def not tall either
  5. i somehow feels that the taller one is more elegant. i am biased of course, i am never a fan of half moon/dome shaped bags, although i am a fan of the smaller bowler shapes.

    i suppose it depends on the colour combo too. i personally also prefer the colour combo of your taller bowler.

    i had the same dilemma with the cut-out bowlers. finally decided to get both the smaller and the taller one in different colour combos.
  6. so... which did you get...? :graucho:
  7. The tall one! I like the shape and color combination more :smile:
  8. pictures please! this big is interesting me more and more
  9. what's the news on this?
  10. I'd say the tall one!
  11. Tall one. More unique IMHO.