miu miu noir sparly sunglasses?

  1. Hi all, does anyone own these? I am so tempted by the pink glitter ones but am not sure if they will suit me as I have a round face...any opinions or modelling pics?
  2. The title should read 'sparkly' of course - apologies!!
  3. Pink ones! ooh they're quite hard to find, where did you see them?

    I have the grey ones but I'm too shy to post pictures of my face, I'm sorry! I think they're a great pair, my only advice is to try and actually try them on in person or order from somewhere where they take returns.

    The reason why I say this is that since they have a slanted top, they may cut your eyebrows in a funny way, and I hear a lot of people are particular about that when it comes to glasses. A lot of my friends tried mine on to play around, and imo they're not a style that will easily fit many faces. Mainly because they sat too high on the face. I hope they're great on you though!
  4. Thanks Danae, great advice! They are currently on NAP, so I think I will take the plunge and buy!
  5. I have the leopard ones and LOVE IT!! Got them this summer in Italy where they had all colors and a lot in stock !!

  6. Is that you? You're so pretty and the glasses look wonderful on you. Love the look of the leopard!
  7. I finally took the plunge and I LOVE them!!

  8. They're so cute and stylish. The pink is lovely indeed. Wear them in good health and if you're not too shy, share some pictures with us! :biggrin:
  9. So CUTE!!!!! I love anything pink!
  10. Thanks! Yes that's me. Too bad I lost them somewhere, have NO idea where they are. I'm so sad right now :sad:
  11. oh noooooo! crossing fingers you'll find them hiding somewhere on your house...
  12. Do you have a modeling pic? I mentioned I lost mine and can't find the leopard ones anywhere online, so maybe I'll buy this color.
  13. Hi Myrkur, sorry have no pics but I can tell you that on the few times i've worn the glasses they certainly got loads of compliments!!
  14. Hmm. not sure if I should get red, pink or gold glitter ..... :thinking: or the leopard ones again, but I'm afraid that if I'll buy the leopard ones, I'm going to find my old ones...
  15. Well, I am thinking of getting the gold ones now I think! Lots of celebs who have them have the gold ones! The new season version are round lens - know I couldn't pull that look off!