Miu Miu - newbie help needed, more detailed info...

  1. I am a self-proclaimed Choo Girl, but find myself totally in love with this style. :drool::heart::drool: I saw it posted on the "identify me" thread. It was identified only as a "leather tote." I'm hoping someone here can provide more information about this bag. Looking for season, collection name, and ultimately the style number. I've been searching the web for it and have not been able to locate it. But if I have a style number, I can call some SAs with the specifics. Also, anyone here own it? Love it? Meh? Thanks in advance for your expert help.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Hi Jburgh! Good to see you outside of the JC forum!
    I have heard this bag is HUGE when people have went to the store to try it on but it is also on my wishlist.
    Good choice!

    Here are some ad campaign photos of it being modeled from the Miumiu.com site.