MIU MIU Nappa spring satchel, anyone got it???

  1. heyy anyone got this bag????


    what are you thoughts about this! thanks girls!
  2. got it 2 months ago, love it ever since...if u're a big bag gal, go for it!
  3. i'm considering it! i'm actually deciding between a YSL muse and this! which colour did you get? pictures??
  4. i got the dark brown one..the leather is so soft..one more thing, u can wear this bag in 3 different ways..that's what i also love..
  5. do you have any pictures of you wearing it?? (: the only reason i'm holding back is i'm not sure if this is going to be a classic like the Muse or coffer!
  6. Yes, please do post pix of you wearing it. I think it's a pretty bag, but haven't seen it IRL, and have no idea how to wear it! :yes:
  7. so sorry i couldn't post pics cuz my 2 yr old broke my digital camera...:sad:
  8. i just checked it out in the stores!!!! and they only have 2 shades of brown with SILVER hardware!! no more gold hardware and NO BLACK too!!!!
    apparently that's the new season

    argh.. and it's SOLD OUT NOW ): so i put my name down for the waitlist

    but i have to say it's really pretty IRL!!
  9. sillygoose,
    i hope u can get yours soon..the one i got was placed at the back of the shop (no display at all)..the sales brought it out and showed it to me, but it was on hold for someone else..so i put my name down on the list, 1 min later she called me back and said the lady didn't come for days so she thought she would sell it to me..:graucho:
    so happy i got it..by the way, the one i have is dark brown + silver hardware..overall, good price + good quality
  10. I have it in chocolate brown too with gold hardware. Very subtle and understated, amazing quality - the leather is so soft and supple yet is also quite hardy. Even though it's quite subtle I always get tons of comments on it. It's also very practical because of the messenger style strap.
  11. thanks!! :biggrin: :biggrin:

    meow509, yours is the dark brown with silver hardware?? i haven't seen that one yet!! they don't even have a display! i only saw the camel one and thought it was quite pretty! gives a very vintage feel...i HOPE mine comes soon tooooo i CAN'T WAIT to lay my hands on one!!


    this is the camel one..what do you think!

    Cicciolina, congrats!! i really want the gold hardware ones! i think they give a more luxe feel to the bag?? any pictures of your bagg?? THANKS!
  12. this is a nice color too!
  13. very nice bag.
  14. thanks! the SA says it might take up to a month (!!!!) before the stock arrives ):

    meanwhile, if anyone's got this bag, PLEASE share your photos!

  15. does anyone have pics of the wearing this? looks huge but wonder what it looks like on! thanks!