miu miu nappa frame satchel

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  1. omg i am in love with the new miu miu bags this season...i was at NM yesterday and i saw this bag in the new pink miu miu has this season and i am in love...it is so cute!! do you guys think its too trendy tho? and 1500 for a seasonal bag...think its too much? i just hate buying stuff that later hits the sales rack...

  2. Hello meluvbags! IMHO, it has that vintage feel to it, it is bold but not "too trendy". The frame top gives off a confident look to it and the bold color complements the rather simple structure of it.

    This bag's growing on me. I saw that there's a black version. Anyone owns this bag? Anyone?
  3. Hi,

    I actually bought (a few days ago) and returned this bag. I got it in red for over 50% off the orginial price. It is beautiful, but way too big---and I like big bags. I bought it for almost $700.00, on sale at Saks.com. The leather is lovely, but I didn't want a huge bag, with just a small handle like it has.
  4. I have this bag in black and love it but it is a BIG bag.