Miu Miu Nappa Coffer in White ?

  1. Does anyone know where I can still get the miu miu nappa coffer in white ? I'm in love with it !

    I can't find it in the local Singapore store and I have friends going to Rome (Italy) and Manchester (UK) soon. So anyone knows where to get them in these 3 countries ?

    Thanks !
  2. You can try searching for the boutique's numbers online. Make a call to the boutiques there for inquiries.
  3. Do you want off white ? color name is cera more of a cream or stark white . new style with longer sholder strap and no small handle? If you want cream color Saks carries it. Saw one in Nyc and one in NM carries it as well , as well as online.
  4. hey babe, thanks... will check it out..

    However I still prefer the white compared to the off-white..