Miu Miu Nappa Charm discontinued?

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  1. Has Miu Miu discontinued their Nappa Charm bags? I was looking at the miu miu website but I dont see any of the charms anymore? =(

    I try to do some reaserach on TPF but I cannot find any information...
  2. The one that can be used as a clutch, crossbody and shoulder bag?
  3. The entire Nappa Charm collection was retired more than a year ago, the few remaining pieces scattered around in stores went on sale two seasons ago :smile: It was briefly replaced by Soft Calf and Nappa Plonge' HTH
  4. the Nappa charms were really hard to find last year, was told that they weren't selling very well :sad: because of that i did manage to pick up a mini nappa charm bag at a decent price during the sales
  5. I saw some nappa cloquet clutches with the cristal charms in Hawaii and US.. they are $495 I believe. Also comes in long crossbody styles.. are those what you are referring to? Or Nappa Cristal bags that are $1495?
  6. I managed to buy one on eBay. I have no idea why they were stopped. I loved them.