miu miu napa patch tote

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  1. what do u think of this bag?

    any owner here who can give comment if this bag worth the price?
    it's 1445 at NM

  2. check out the resort bags! they are tdf. The patch tote is OK to me but I think there are cuter Miu Miu out at the moment.
  3. where can i check the resort bags? is it available for viewing on style.com ?

    btw, i've tried the bag IRL yesterda and this bag is too bulky for me :sad:
  4. I've been drooling over this bag for a while since I cant find the perfect brown gauffre anymore. I'd love to see one in real life before I bought it. There was an authentic for a reasonable price on ebay in the brown a while back. It was GORGEOUS in their photos. Wish I'd gotten it now!
  5. i juts tried it IRL couple of days ago and not loving it :sad:

    the leather's too bulky for me
  6. I like the look of it, but I saw a similar one in Saks and it is kind of big.
  7. which bag did u see in saks maya?
  8. Pad just got this bag and posted photos. I'm SO jealous. lol
  9. The bag is very nice. Try it on IRL and make sure that you "Love, Love It." I agree, the new resort line is showing some beautiful pieces. Just make sure that "You" love it. The color is beautiful. You can preview the line at the NM site or any of the high end stores. Good luck. You can't really go wrong with any pic this season of Miu Miu, most of the totes are TDF in my opinion.