Miu Miu Mini Bow Bag Owners?

  1. Hi all,

    I love the design of Miu Miu bags. I loved the ruching of the coffer and owned one a few years ago. Sadly, it was a hassle to carry for me in terms of weight, design (the clasp). My second choice at the time was the bow bag. Wasn't thinking about it at all but saw the Mini Bow at the Prada outlet recently. It looks very cute!

    I mainly wear my bags crossbody if they come with a strap. So I would probably never use this bag as a handcarry. As a crossbody, have you used it a lot? It is discounted at the outlet but still not exactly cheap, I'd like to know how much use you've gotten or if it's just been collecting dust.

  2. I have never had the coffer but have two mini bow bags, a Fumo and a Rosa. I love them. I do use them as both handheld and crossbody, though. If you do a search "mini bow" within the Miu Miu section, you will find lots of info from a few years ago when it was in the boutique.

    What color are you considering?
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  3. Nice, those look like beautiful colors. Unfortunately they only have Nero at the outlet.. I liked the design and size, though. I found some info in a search but not so much modelling pics and what can fit inside the bag, comments about the weight of bag.
  4. There are some what's in my bag videos on you tube for the mini bow, maybe those would help? I carry very little-an IPhone with its headphones, zip around wallet that Prada calls a card or coin purse or something like that, and a small cosmetic pouch with lip balm and travel size hand lotion and keys, so it does not get very heavy. Some of my other bags of similar size and function are the Mulberry Small Bayswater satchel and the Coach Rogue 25, the MM Mini Bow is a little smaller and much lighter.

    Black would be so useful!
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  5. Thanks , I'll check them out! I read online that the mini bow weighs 1.5 lbs but it felt a lot lighter than that in person. would you say that is accurate comparing to your other bags?
  6. I do not know how much it weighs but I agree that it feels much lighter. I have an MZ Wallace bag that is supposed to be 1.7 lbs and feels considerably heavier.
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