Miu Miu Metal Messenger Bag-What do you Think????

  1. I saw this on Saksfifthavenue.com the other day, and since I was purchasing something else, I added it to the order. Was just wondering if any of you have seen this IRL, or own it, or if you just have an opinion of any kind on it...

    Thank you,
  2. Never seen it IRL, but would love to see the pics once you receive it!! :okay:
  3. I saw IRL...nice bag,but I would prefer coffer if you are not already own it

    {i am so obsessed with the coffer :sad: }
  4. I really like it.
  5. it looks nice, very understated. But out of the new fall collection, i think i prefer the other bags.
  6. Cute bag from the photo, but I haven't seen it IRL.
  7. Those buckles on the strap are very interesting. But I am not very care for its shape though.
  8. Bag came yesterday, and it was HUGE! Also, even though it says you can adjust the shoulder straps, they are only adjustable so much. They bag, at the shortest adjustment, is past my things. Even as a messenger, it is still ridiculously long. It has been sent back to Saks....
  9. Hi Equalizer...

    Any chance you took some modeling pix *before* sending this baby back??? I've been dying to see this bag in person. How large was it????? Is it more of a carry-on size?

    thanks in advance! Would love to see it on. :yes:

  10. the bucklets on the strap are the same as on the matching belt...

    good choice to return it if not feeling confortable with it.