MIU MIU Matelasse Large Tote

  1. Can some please help me find the Miu Miu Matelasse Large Tote in Black they have it for sell at Net-a-Porter in Plum (it is the first bag that comes up when you go into the Miu Miu section) sorry have tried to paste and copy but I am absolutely useless at anything like this.

    SOMEONE please help me find this bag I absolutely love it.:tup:
  2. Here you go. I believe that this is a legit seller, but let's see if someone here can confirm for us. Give me a minute tho b/c I think I've seen this bag elsewhere for cheaper.............:okay:
  3. Here's another for a bit less................

    Let us know if you get one! I actually wanted this bag as well, but I need bags with outer pockets for quick access to my essentials (keys, cell.....etc.). Good luck! :tup:
  4. Try call Nordstrom Bellevue, the phone is on the Nordstrom.com
  5. Thanks miu2 for the info, is the one on the styledrops site for $1773.00 a larger one than the same style one at sakfifthavenue.com which is selling for $1,590.00, I am slightly confused:confused1:is there a L and XL in this bag:confused1:
  6. I'm not positive, but I think that the Styledrops one is larger. Look, here is the one on eBay that I forgot to put on my previous post:


    Also, here is a picture of one from "my theresa" link. http://www.mytheresa.com/shop/product.php?productid=2526&cat=4&page=1

    Look at the size of the bag, It is really huge! The Saks bag is 15" and the Styledrops and eBay one are 17". But I am only guessing. :shrugs:
  7. I think all of them are the same. because they are converting cm to inches they are having problems...mytheresa and ebay listings' measurments are the same. NM and Saks have it 2 inches smaller (5cm) which is basically not much difference.Saks says it's made in italy,and the listing says made in Turkey-which sound more accurate since Coffere is made in Turkey too. and NM is not so good at descriptions.
    of course this is IMO
  8. I thought the same thing until I remembered that my Coffer is 15" wide. The pictures of this bag on the model look larger than my Coffer. Don't you think? :confused1:
  9. Look at the size of this bag......

    lg miu.jpg
  10. I saw the larger one when I went to buy my coffer,since I was concentrated very much on my coffer I didn't take a look at it carefully,but this large one was jus a little larger not much difference
    The trick is in the depth measurment...coffer depth is 2" and this large one's depth is 8" and little bit taller
    this one is from NAP
  11. Now look at the size of the bags on the models in the listings. The Tote looks much bigger than the Coffer imo. What do you think?


    I definitely think that this bag comes in different sizes. Raffaello has the smaller version in black for $1356.00. Here it is:

    Hope we didn't confuse you more...........:upsidedown:
  12. Well, since you saw it irl, you probably know better than I do. Either way, it seems to be a gorgeous bag!! Thanks again justified!! :okay:
  13. ohh now I remember the one in raffaello,I saw that one,actually my mom liked that one for me instead of coffer...the one in raffello is much smaller than the coffer hmm like half size..Coffer is like between the one ine raffello and in the ebay listings
  14. np :yes: it's a lovely bag and if you like big bags go for it:tup: