MIU MIU MATELASSè LARGE TOTE:i would like to buy it,but....

  1. :upsidedown:hello ladies i would like to buy the miu mu matelasse large tote but i have a little doubts.. I'm 5 feet 1 inches and thin ...d o you think this kind of bag is too big for me? i already got a big bag ..the ysl muse xxl and i feel comfortable with her..but i have never seen the miu miu large tote in stores(just on mannequin on net-a-porter.com) ....thank you very much!!
  2. oh yes it's superrrrr huge. i'm 5'2 and it looks like luggage on me! i love large bags too and i have the oversized muse but the large matelasse is way too big. i suggest u go to the store to try it on.
  3. OHH thank you very much..i suppose i will go to milan boutique on next week to see it...i am so sad i would like to be higher...:crybaby:(just to carry it!!!))....is it bigger than ysl xxl muse?? ohh my gosh:s
  4. haha don't be too upset! to be honest, i loved loved loved the size on me when i first model it and after staring at my reflection in the mirror for like 20 mins at the boutique, i totally got over it. i think the large matelasse is more of a "OMGWOW" bag at first sight and then when you put it on, it's more of a "MEHHI'MNOTTOOSUREABOUTTHIS". or maybe it's just me! LOL you really have gotta try it on yourself though! and yes it's bigger than the oversized muse!
  5. :cursing::mad::rant::devil:i want it !!...but i don't want to be ridicolous....i could think to buy the classic coffer if the large tote is too big.... but in my opinon the large tote is more glam than classic coffer....i will go to Milano boutique on 20 th october (my birthday:drinkup: 30 years old) and i want to buy it ..i have always been a chloe addicted but this year my love is miu miu.....thank you for your help i will let you now asap;)
  6. haha no problem, darlin'! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! and i totally agree with you about the large matelasse look more glam than the coffer. to be honest, i was just about to buy the coffer a few months ago and then i suddenly just got over it :wtf: i think the coffer has a look that tires easily, when i see it on the street on someone, i thank god that i didn't get it cause i dont even like it now. good luck and tel lme how it goes ;)
  7. of course,my dear i will let you know..i am sure i will see wonderful bags:drool:..i would like to visit the new balenciaga boutique just opened....but i am 90% to buy the large matelassè(or coffer but i am agree with you)...in black or maybe plum( it is strange: i have a lot of bags 2 balenciagas,2 gucci,2 chloe...etc but i haven't got a black bag!!so i think it is the turn of black now)....kisses:kiss:
  8. ps are there short ladies with large matelassè miu miu in this forum? please i need your opinions!:sos: thank you very much
  9. ...sorry i have another question ... do handles fit over the shoulder or not? they seem very short thanks again!!!:flowers:
  10. get plum! it's black in some lightings and really dark purple in some so u get the best of both worlds! :p and yeah they do fit on the shoulder but it's so big and looks HUGE awkward so i do not think u will wear it on the shoulder anyway. have fun shopping! :love:
  11. My husband just bought the plum for my birthday on tuesday and I am a llittle overwhelmed by it. We were in San Fran on holidays from Australia so I can't return it but it is VERY LARGE!!!. I am 5 7 but I think i need just to get used to it. The colour is luscious though and my 16 year old daughter is lemming it big time LOL!
  12. :crybaby:hi katebar...i know it is so huge and even if i love it by the pictures i deicded to go to amiu miu store to wear it..i am shorter than you and i don't want to be ridicolous!! kisses