Miu Miu Matelasse Large Hobo v. Regular Coffer - Help decide!!!

  1. I have never bought a Miu Miu before, but am a huge fan of the Coffer style and am currently looking for a brown bag which can be worn as a messenger bag. I have come across this one on Neimans/Bergdorf and need opinions...


    I am planning to mostly use it as a messenger bag, but for some reason am having reservations about getting this style instead of the normal coffer which has handles in addition to the long strap. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated:smile:
  2. That is gorgeous, but I like the regular coffer better, has both handle options. :smile:
  3. Go for the coffer.
  4. Ooooohhhhh es0275, I just bought this bag as well!! I haven't carried it yet but I also have the Coffer and carry it mostly by the long strap, however I have come to realize that the braided handle comes in very handy as well. The messenger handle on the "Bandoliera" (the one NM refers to as the large hobo) is pretty long and I don't think that the length can be adjusted (at least I haven't tried yet). Anyway, IMO you can't go wrong with the traditional Coffer. BTW, they are both the same size. Let us know what you decide!! :yes:
  5. Coffer all the way. I want the coffer in every color and every finish...