Miu Miu Matelasse bag from Spring '10 - Help

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  1. Does anybody here have more pictures or info about this bag? colors? size? price?
    I took this picture from a thread from bags from the Hawaii boutique Lilybear had posted...

    I really like it and I'd love to know!


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  2. #2 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
  3. Kiki, thank you sooooo much I couldn't remember the thread and didn't find it...I am sending my parents a message, hopefully they will find it in milan...I wish we knew the price but oh well...
  4. r u thinking about the purse or clutch?
  5. purse...I know you don't like it but I like it for some reason...I also like the clutch version of the Alexa look alike...and that one comes with silver hardware
  6. I would be curious how it looks like in person... picture sometimes don't do justice to purses....
  7. oo i like this too, wonder how much it is
  8. if I find out I'll let you know...
  9. did u get my email? ;)
  10. oh yes I did...thank you!! There's not much there I like though...there's one pair of flats with open toe in black that I think are to die for! the rest is just blah....except for the last one but I don't like the stage bag chain..I'd rather just have it regular leather...

    I asked you something in my reply btw....