Miu Miu Matalasse Coffer Bag Hardware

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  1. #1 Mar 28, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2014

    I have a Miu Miu Matalasse Coffer Bag which is my favorite bag. I've noticed the hardware color is fading. I called the Miu Miu store today and the saleslady said that they did not replace hardware and wasn't sure what they could do until I brought it in. I can't get to the store until next week as it is not close to me but wanted to know if any of you have had this issue with the hardware. Is there anything they can do to the finish?? Very frustrating that this is happening to an such expensive bag. Thanks.
  2. Had the same question when i first got my coffer, i thought it was odd that the hardware is already tarnished, but i found out theyre all like that, bec its supposed to have a vintage tarnished look, as against shiny new. Is this the issue with yours?
  3. Yes…That is the issue..I thought maybe I did not take care of the bag properly. I didn't seem to notice it when I first received it. Did yours get worse over time?
  4. yes i thought it was super old stock! lol... i came here too to ask about it, and some members posted pics of their coffers and they all looked vintage-y. Search for pics here and compare if its the same

    hardware did not get worse, looks about the same. have had it for a little more than 3 yrs, although it wasn't non stop use, i've used it on and off through the years

  5. Wow…Here I am thinking that my bag aged poorly! lol!!! I will definitely search for pics here to compare to mine. Thanks!!!
  6. This applies to silver hardware as well. I own a nappa Cloquet and have noticed that with consecutive use it comes worn/tarnished. I own a biker bag and it too looks a little bit worn with the gold hardware.

    But overall, its hardly noticeable. I still love them both :smile:.
  7. If it helps, this is how mine looks like. I don't use this bag much (too heavy) but it was never shiny new, which is good in a way. I've pretty much scratched the heck out of the hardware on my other everyday bag :sweatdrop:

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  8. it's supposed to look "vintage".
    i kind of like it, and it saves me the troube of having to take care of it and prevent any scratches :P