Miu Miu Mary Janes - Help!

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone know where I can get a pair of these Mary Janes? I think I would need a size 5. Can anyone tell me how they fit too? Are they true to size or do they run big?

    PM me if you know where I can get a pair in black!


    Picture is from eBay for reference:

  2. Also, sorry to intrude on your thread :shame: but if any of you know where i can get the baby blue ones in a size 35 or 35.5 or even maybe a 36 pretty pleaaaaaase let me know. I'm desperate for them :girlsigh:

  3. I think they're true to size. However, I found the heel to be a bit loose. With the straps though it should help keep them from slipping off.
  4. I went yesterday to NM and found several of those available, I tried on a pair and the toe box was too narrow for me, however you can call NM in Charlotte, NC they had several available yesterday, they also have them at BoB Ellies at the same Mall.
    In MN ask for Ben Whitlock, 704-442-7900, he used to work at Bob Ellis, if he can't find them for you, ask him for BE phone number, the store is across from NM.
  5. they are/were on sale at Nordstrom in topanga and palo alto for $215. Nordstrom only carried the silver though and i'm not sure if they still have any. barneys new york also had them on sale for $300 and they carried the black and blue ones. try calling saks or NM and ask them to price match nordstrom's. they'll do it. good luck ladies~
  6. miu miu and prada shoes run a little large. good luck!
  7. Thanks ladies but 9.5 inches is kinda big for me. I'm closer to 9 inches!
  8. I think I might need 4.5 or 5? Not too sure. I'm just worry they might fit big if I get the size 5.
  9. Thanks very much for your feedback ladies. I will try calling the places you suggested.

    Javaboo, if you manage to actually find these shoes to try on maybe take some of those gel inserts to try your shoes with. They may help if the shoes are a bit on the big side :smile:
  10. nordstrom had the black but they sold out eons ago. they run true to size.
  11. I was able to get these at Nordstroms valley fair during their designer clearance ($149!!) I think miu miu's run a little bit smaller than prada (especially around the toes). I bought an 8.5 when I'm usually an 8.

    They only have them in black though.
  12. In terms of sizing, I found this particular Miu Miu style actually runs a tiny bit small/narrow OR true to size....def. not big like other Prada shoes. I sized down and it was big, big mistake (way too narrow/small).
  13. Mine are true to size and a bit narrow. I have the ones from a few seasons ago that are the black-glitter encrusted ones with the black bows on them and I LOVE THEM! Good luck finding the ones you are looking for!