Miu Miu Made in Turkey?

  1. Hi all~ i'm kinda new to this forum and don't know much about miu miu's~

    but recently i'm drawn to the coffer two way bag in black patent~ my question is that i thought miu miu bags were made in italy? sorry if i sound naive :push:
  2. I thought the same thing until I bought one and found the tag that says "Made in Turkey". So don't let anyone mislead you......they are indeed made in Turkey. Welcome to the Prada/Miu Miu forum! :welcome:
  3. Thanks miu2 :yes:

    ..... now~~ i just need to start saving :push:
  4. heheh that's the though part
  5. Wow, I also didn't know miu miu was made in Turkey.
  6. yup...my coffer is made in Turkey...
  7. The Prada company has started making stuff many places including vietnam and turkey, hungary and other eastern european countries.

    I have stuff that's been made in different places and the made in europe ones have held up the best.
  8. Yep they are from turkey.
  9. I'm not sure that all Miu Mius are made in Turkey. We are sure that the Coffers are though. :yes:
  10. not all of them maybe,but many of them are made in Turkey. sometimes they are made in Turkey but they put made in Italy,because they just put the tag/leather-gold one in Italy. So don't suprise if you see made in Turkey or don't think it might be fake. since miu miu is Prada's,you might see in Pradas too.

    their leather quality is good generally, don't worry, actually they are kind of famous for it.
  11. Oh, I wouldn't trust the stuff made in Turkey or Hungary. EVery hungarian item I've ever had fell apart rather quickly, one pair of shoes fell apart the same day I bought it. Also leather items in Turkey are dirt cheep, my aunt got a leather coat for $50 there, I can't believe that Miu Miu would make stuff in Turkey.
  12. Hmm... that is interesting. I didn't notice that they had started making them in turkey. i will go take a closer look at my miu miu and pradas from now onwards
  13. it depends where you buy your leather...of course there will be cheap leathers and as well as great leathers...since one seller doesn't sell good stuff that doesn't mean all leather goods in Turkey or in other countries are bad.
    Since peopla are happy with the Coffers leather,which is so great,then it is obvious that they can make good leather stuff.
  14. Just curious: Does it actually say 'Made in Turkey' inside the coffers? If so, where?
  15. yes it is..it's in inside pocker but you might need to take inside out..at first I didn't see it too and I take a look at it more carefully and found it