Miu-Miu: Made in Italy Help??

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  1. Hi,

    I recently looked at a thread on there that said all the miu-miu's are made in turkey. But lookinga t the Saks website it says made in italy ... so confusing. If this is not the case, should we write and make them change it.?

    I just recieved the grey miu-miu bow bag as a pressie. while i am very grateful, i was actually coveting another miu-miu that they have online at Saks. i was wondering if anybody owns the 'Miu Miu Calf Metal Messenger Bag' (see below), and whether they can verify if it is made in italy as the website says, or made in turkey, so i decide whether i will purchase it

    thanks for your expertise!

  2. All Miu Miu's are not made in Turkey. I just bought one that was made in Italy.

    Not sure about the style you want to buy, however.
  3. if possible you can make sure by going to IRL,'cos major online retailers tend not to be accurate
  4. thanks for your replies - sorry the pic didnt come up. I dont know how to post pics. I put the URL from Saks, but it didnt seem to work??? (Any tips)

    Unfortunately i am in Sydney Australia, and i often dont get to see the bags IRL.