Miu Miu location in Rome?

  1. Hi all.. I'm new to the forum and am looking for my first bag which I hope to be a Miu Miu! I'm going on a month tour to Europe soon and will be in Rome for 2 nights. Anyone have experience buying or browsing in Rome? How are the prices compared to North America? TIA!
  2. Last 27 march 2007 Miuccia Prada has opened a Miu Miu store in Rome. The address is Via del Babbuino 68.
    About prices: a coffer is 890 euros here in Italy. Sales start on 16th july. From that day on you will find it even at 40% less.
    Good travel!
  3. Sorry, thye correct address is Via del Babbuino 89.
  4. thanks so much for the information!