Miu Miu leather wallet: what do you guys think?

  1. I am sooooo excited about this lambskin wallet and I'm seriously thinking about returning my not uset yet less-than-a-week-old LV PTI. I have a black Coffer and was thinking to buy the wallet to match. Is it too much gold hardware all around? What do you think, ladies?

  2. Hi Pejo...

    I think the wallet's sold out - when I click on your link it brings me to a page with 4 other Miu Miu wallets... pls click the link and then re-post your wallet image or link so we can see. :yes:
  3. I have a white coffer and personally use multicolore LV accessories with it. Love the contrast of color it gives me. I use a white multi PTI with my white bag. I have a black multi wallet to use with my black bags. I want a black gauffre and plan to use the black LV multi wallet with it. So I say stick with LV...lol.
  4. have you gotten the wallet yet? if so then post a pic since its not showing on net-a-porter?

    Its possible that you may or may not think differently once the wallet gets into your hands
  5. Hmm, I see the correct page and pictures when I click on my link. Anyway, here are some pictures of the turquoise and ivory wallets from net-a-porter.
    Miu Miu leather purse.jpg wallet2.jpg wallet3.jpg
  6. That's neat. Has the same closure as the coffer. Very cute! Wouldn't match the hardware on mine tho, has silver. I love the color of the turquoise!
  7. Very cute! I love the hardware, like the Coffer!
  8. oh my! if that's the case you should totally keep that :}

    (I mean, keep the miu miu wallet to match)
  9. I would definitly by the matching wallet, and no its not too much hardware. I especially love the turquoise color. Keep us posted on whether you buy it or not.
  10. Pejo, which color are you thinking of getting? =)
  11. Unfortunately, only the black and white colours are available here in Singapore, which adds to my :confused1: . See, my Coffer is in black and I can't possible buy the black wallet too, right?! The white one would be great contrast but do i want a lambskin wallet in white? Maybe not, too high maintenance.

  12. That's a a gorgeous wallet- LOVE the turquoise!
  13. Agree that white lambskin wallet is a bit scary in terms of maintenance. You can get the black wallet, it goes with everything. =)