Miu Miu Leather Sachel

  1. Does anyone know if this bag has a name?
    miu miu ivory sachel.jpg
  2. i saw a lady carrying a red one the other day.

    I found it really strange.. as the only ones i have seen are the black, light brown, seude and dark brown.

    Did MiuMiu really make this bag in red?

    I am thinking it could be fake.. :p

    I have the real McCoy in black.. and i'm so proud of it :shame:

  3. pretty sure it is fake... i spoke to a miu miu SA in n.y. last month re that bag and they only told me same colors that you mentioned.

    it amazes me how there are so many different fakes now... never thought they'd make fakes of miu miu since it's not as mainstream/hyped like LV, gucci, chanel, prada, dior...
  4. I have it and I don't even know the exact name. I've seen people here refer to it as the scamaciato old satchel though.
  5. Woow, the bag is gorgeous.