Miu Miu Knotted Leather Hobo In Yellow $473 @ BG

  1. I decided to cancel the order, so it should be available now if anyone is interested. Just last week, this bag was on sale at NM for $633.
  2. oh no it's not available! who got it???
  3. Any free shipping at BG?

  4. No...and trust me..I looked everywhere! I even emailed them called and emailed them yesterday ASKING for it as a first time buyer!! NO GO! They aren't very accommodating!
  5. i got it!!! i'm not 100% sure, but i figure i can always return it if i don't like it...no harm done, right??:graucho:
  6. i actually got the bag through the NM website - they have the same stock (isn't that weird) and i got free shipping.

  7. Wow! When did you do that? I just checked about 30 minutes ago on the NM site and it wasn't there. I found an old bookmark for it at $633 though...but it was sold out! Congrats!!
  8. it's $633, less 25%, so it's the exact same price at BG. I'm telling you, they have the same exact stock - the instant you posted that the bag was available on the BG site, it was available on the NM site. BG and NM are the same store - you can bring your BG returns to NM and vice versa.

    I"m thinking I may cancel...I will definitely post here if I do!
  9. OK, I'm cancelling. As ridiculous as this sounds, I can't get a yellow bag...because I already own too much yellow. I'm serious, I own a million yellow things, and yellow on yellow just doesn't work, you know?

    Here's the NM link. there's a free shipping code:

    it's there right now!!!
  10. I'm so dying for this bag and am so hoping someone baought it and wants to sell it to me? I would take either yellow or orange...Let me know please!

  11. NM and BG have been playing tricks on my eyes for the past week. Literally, these bags go up and they are gone INSTANTLY. And seriously, a bag will go up and I think I've got it only to be totally thwarted. It's a feeding frenzy. I did get an awesome Miu Miu messenger bag today but I don't think I have ever moved faster in my life to make an online purchase!
  12. I used "WELCOME" for free shipping earlier this week at Bergdorf's ;)
  13. gone (again)....