Miu Miu is no longer availiable in Saks?

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  1. Anyone knows that Saks will no longer carries Miu Miu brand? Thank you!
  2. I'm not sure about ALL Saks..But Bala Cynwood Pa is no longer carrying Marc Jacobs & Miu Miu...they are selling off what they have and then pffffffttt...
  3. I was just questioning that too! I just gone on Saks to check out Miu Miu Purse... but they are gone now!! I just saw it two days ago!!!! :confused1::confused1:
  4. You can only get Miu Miu handbags from Miu Miu boutiques from now on. All the major department stores are selling off what they have. However, I heard Saks was just shipping everything out, sold or not! :crybaby:

    However, look on the bright side. At least we know we are getting authentic items now! I've already seen a fake miu miu at Saks. Someone bought the real thing and returned a fake! grrrr....
  5. WHAT!?!?! are you kidding? OMG- I just bought a bow at saks... how do i know whether it's a *gulp* fake?? i always wondered about that and am always nervous about buying bags at department stores. the sa's are pretty clueless and they don't even look at the returns!!
  6. just post pics on the authenticating forum here, details like inner zipper engraving, inner tag, miu miu logo etc....the great team on "authenticate this miu miu" will help

    cheers, V
  7. I know Iho!!! I'm almost inclined to buy everything from boutiques now!!! Seriously, the SA's near my Saks are really clueless. I was looking at a bow, and was like, this leather looks so different from all the other leathers I've seen. But wait, I look inside the pocket and it says Made In Turkey! I go home and google bow satchel, and I see fakes with the same tag Made In Turkey too!!!! These fake-returners have me going crazy and don't know what to believe!!! :cursing:
  8. Jesus.....i can't believe that Saks sells fake bags! i just called the SA at Saks, she said the store has already sent all Miu Miu bags to the warehouse and probably the new bags will be back within 3-4 weeks.
  9. Just FYI, some Miu Mius are made in Turkey :smile: They are not made in China however.
  10. Neiman Marcus in Atlanta today had zero Miu Miu handbags on the floor and when I asked they said that they may or may not stock them this season. Car Shoe was already pulled from the floor.
  11. Yes, please be careful with comments. Miu Miu certainly does fabricate in Turkey and "Made in Turkey" is definitely NOT an indicator that the bag is fake. Now the fact that Saks sells fake Miu Miu's is not a shocker and I agree that most of the SAs are clueless. I find that dealing with the boutique directly is the best way to go. The Beverly Hills location and of course, Renato, is the best!
  12. Two weeks ago I called almost every Saks in California and Off 5th to inquire about Miu Miu handbags. Every SA told me that they had shipped what they had back. I even called some random Saks across the country. My boyfriend took me to Vegas and we stopped at Barneys COOP, Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Nordstrom to have them all tell me that they had either received no shipments/expecting no more shipments.
  13. Yes, I agree with all of you...from now we'll have to buy from the boutiques...I called two different nordstroms in Miami yesterday and they told me everything they had was gone...the good thing for me is that the Miami boutique will open soon!!!!
  14. Hello to clarify my above comment about bows Made In Turkey, I do have a bow from the boutique that is Made in Turkey. But what surprised me the most was when I googled to look for bow images online, fake bows were also posted with the very same Made In Turkey tags! Which baffled me because these manufacturers have copied the authentic ones right down to the very tags!!! So if they were made in China, they can still put a made in Turkey tag! Sorry for the confusion! I didn't mean to imply Made in Turkey to be fake! :shame:
  15. why isn't it possible that it's fake and made in Turkey or other country?

    no offense...