Miu Miu is making a "new" bow bag

  1. I was in NM at there is a new bag with a smaller bow, leather but more fabric-like, (its actually tied) and it has snaps that close the top.
    The opening looks easier to access (you don't have the fold-over part on the top)
    the price is in the 900s
    cute, but my first impression is that I prefer the original :heart:

  2. I'm very curious to see it :smile:
    who knows if there is on website...now I'll go and see...:smile:
  3. oh I Love that!!! good size too!
  4. I agree. I like the original style better.
  5. It's cute, but the sequel's not as good as the original!
  6. I love it, I love the colour, but I also prefer the original.
  7. [​IMG]

    so feminine!
  8. it does look quite different...i like how the leather creases beneath the bow..
  9. I like the original style so much better. :s
  10. I saw this bag in person as well. The leather was incredibly soft, almost pillow-like but it seemed smaller than the original and the long strap is not removeable/ adjustable. Overall, I still prefer the original.
  11. not too shabby, but still the original one ! love the bow bag regardless.
  12. Oh, this makes me sad. Now I'll never get the original version in brown/caramel. I like the orig. much better.
  13. i like the bow on the new design but that's about it. i still prefer the original bow bag.