Miu Miu is bringing back the Coffer

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  1. Did you check out Miu Miu's pre-fall 2018 collection?

    I spotted a Coffer! They removed part of the gold hardware and replaced it with a big buckle and also changed the matelasse, am I wrong?

    I was wondering... Wasn't the Coffer retired? It's been yeeeears since I last saw it at a Miu Miu store.

    Some info would be welcome, thank you!!
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  2. I hope this means smooshy bags are coming back. That quilting is in several lines right now.
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  3. It's such a beautiful bag. Sadly I loved looking at mine more than using it. Just found it so heavy and unwieldy to use. Loved the crossbody option but the thick braided strap made it feel awkward.
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    Yes, this style hasn't been around for at least five years I believe :smile: Nice they brought it back... the buckle is updated, yes, while the matelasse is a little narrower due to different leather used... Nappa leather is almost always like this, while the 'old' Coffer was usually made of 'Vitello shine' leather which had wider quilts :smile:

    I also noticed the 'Cervo' bags are back this season :tup::tup: Miu miu often brings back some styles, patterns (cats, swallows etc.) or clothing pieces from previous seasons :flowers:
  5. Miu Miu does some of the best quilted bags.
  6. I am a fan of Miu Miu for many years and the coffer was one of my favourite. But it seems this style is discountinued. Anyone know if it is out of style? I do want to know if they will sell the coffer in boutique again...
  7. I still think it's a beautiful purse. The leather was yummy and I liked the intricacy of the stitching. Wear what you like with pride!
  8. I agreed. I hope they will sell it in store again! I like all the colours, nude, navy, beige...
  9. I think they should change how it's opened. I remember fumbling around with the key, attempting to get my items out.
  10. I don't use the key as I don't lock it:biggrin:
    Actually I found it is not heavy for a big bag (I own a large size one):nuts:
  11. I made the mistake of locking it on many occasions. I must be a total wimp; no pain, no gain? I sold it a few years ago. It was a thrifted purchase.
  12. Such a gorgeous bag.
  13. I still have three Coffers and couldn't bring myself to sell them. I was pondering if I should and now I see they could be coming back? I always found it to be a really comfortable lush bag so it would be a welcome return.
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