MIU MIU in Vegas?

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  1. I am going to Vegas next week!! I just checked that they are going to open a miu miu somewhere near Aria. Anybody knows that when are they gonna open? or it is opened already?

    Thank youu =) !!:P
  2. I think in the Palazzo shops at Venetian maybe? On miumiu.com it has locations listed.
  3. I just checked on their website but it's not listed....I thought it opened back in December but I guess not...
  4. I was in Vegas in Dec but there's no Miu Miu store anywhere on the strip.
  5. I was in Vegas last week and I went to Aria. A number of the stores such as Prada and Gucci has signs that said coming soon. But I did not see any signs for MM though.
  6. Yes that is where I went last week. I saw a big Prada store boarded up saying coming soon. Not sure if MM will be part of the Prada location.
  7. Yes, it is confirmed MIU MIU will be opening in the gorgeous City Center Las Vegas around the Aria vicinity. It is scheduled to open May 2010 but of course always keep in mind the delays of construction and approvals. :smile:
  8. I will be in Vegas in June- hopefully able to enjoy new store
  9. I thought so too! Too bad...am going on a shopping trip to Vegas this weekend and MM was #1...

    (Well at least the bf will be happy to know that's one less shop to hit! :P)
  10. Check out the picture! I actually took this about a couple days ago.

    I was just in Vegas. I spoke with City Centre information and Miu Miu is set to open in the spring, probably around May. Unfortunately my time in vegas came too early! Tear! But look at the size of this store! Very exciting!

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  11. wow, it looks really big!! Bal Harbour is not that big
  12. it's glorious! Can't wait for the opening!
  13. I was just in Vegas and saw the space in Crystals, which is next to Aria. Darn! Went to early!

    (So I treated myself to some Jean Phillipe in Aria hehe :biggrin:)