Miu Miu Headband

  1. What do you ladies think about this miu miu headband: [​IMG]
    It's 80$ (on sale), and I think it's absolutely adorable. Also, if anyone has this headband, can you take a pic of yourself wearing it so I can see the size proportions? TIA! :love:
  2. think its quite cute! :smile:
  3. Nice colour but not loving the Miu Miu logo on the side
  4. I really like it! I wear my hair up a lot and almost always with a headband. I dont think the lgo is that noticeable. Go for it!
  5. cute for $80.
  6. I wear a lot of headbands. This one is cute!
  7. Personally, I think the colour is cute but the logo is kinda tacky. I wouldn't buy it but mainly 'cause 80dlls for a headband is out of my budget.
  8. I like the color but im not liking the gold miu miu logo.
  9. I think the logo is the reason for the price :p
  10. To be honest, I wouldn't spend $80 on a headband...especially a plain one like this. Its definitely cute, but you could probably find a similar one for less.
  11. I don't like the logo either, but it's a pretty color.
  12. I think it's kinda tacky... wouldn't spend $80 on it!
  13. honestly? :yucky: The logo is so tacky on the side.
  14. I'm not digging it either. If it's the color you like, I'm positive you could find something very similar for a much more reasonable price.
  15. I'm a firm believer that tackiness depends on who wears what and how one wears it, so the tackiness of the headband isn't really a concern of mine. I think the logo on the side is cute. I also think that I'll wait and see if it goes down in price some more. Thanks for the ops girls!