Miu Miu hangtags.......are they legit?

  1. I have purchased several Miu Mius, however all have been purchased on-line. I have never, ever received a hangtag on ANY of them. Can someone tell me if they, in fact, come with hangtags? Like maybe they have hangtags if you purchase them from a boutique? Just curious. :confused1:
  2. I don't know about miu miu...but gucci and lv don't come with it
    on eBay some of the miu miu have it..but all are fake I think..but you are much more experienced with the miu miu
  3. I am only experienced with Miu Miu on-line purchases, that is why I am curious about the hangtags that I keep seeing on the eBay listings. I, personally, have never seen a Miu Miu hangtag. I have purchased other high-end bags on-line (such as Jimmy Choo) and received them with hangtags, but not Miu Miu. Just wondering if there is anyone who has ever purchased Miu Miu with hangtags? :confused1:
  4. hi miu2, I bought my coffer from the miu miu store and no hangtag.
  5. If anyone has ever purchased any style Miu Miu with a hangtag, can you please let me know? I keep seeing Miu Mius on eBay with hangtags which makes me think that they are fakes, but I don't want to be too hasty in my assumption. Please let me know, TIA :smile:
  6. Are you talking about a paper tag hanging by a string? Light blue maybe?
  7. Yes, a paper tag with a string. Have you seen one on any Miu Miu bags?

  8. Somebody posted this on this thread and I saw, what looks to me, like a hangtag on the listing. I know that I have seen them before on other listings and was wondering if anyone ever actually bought an authentic Miu Miu bag with a hangtag? Take a look and let me know what you think PP. TIA ;)
  9. i peruse the miu miu bags at neiman's and Saks and i've never seen one with a hangtag. just the price tag, which is always placed inside, even on the most tiny clutches.
  10. I'm beginning to think that this may be another way to identify a fake Miu Miu on ebay. Just want to make certain that nobody has actually purchased an authentic with a hangtag! :nogood:
  11. when I saw a miu miu with a hangtag-red miu miu written on white OR the colors of the dustbag-right away it tells that is fake
    Dior and Chloe has hangtag for example
  12. No hangtag - I bought my first miu miu a few weeks ago and it just had the price tag inside, with a card which contains information about cleaning and maintenance.
  13. I'm begining to think that it is safe to say that a Miu Miu hangtag is an indication that it is a fake, right?