Miu Miu Gifts 2011 Cute eye candy!


Apr 24, 2008
YES! I am in love with it too! Please share your pics when you get it...enjoy ! Also, I am trying to decide if I want an iphone case, a keyholder, a pouch or a wallet, there's a wallet version that has 0 compartments inside, it's just like a pouch but flat, the size of a wallet...that's the one I like. It would have been perfect if Miu Miu had made a medium sized wallet...
I'm hoping to get it before the holidays...fingers crossed!

I love that the iphone case. I had to hold myself back from the giraffe keyholder.
Yeah, but their wallets are pretty perfect otherwise. Do you currently own any miu miu wallets?
Dec 30, 2007
Miu Miu heaven
I do I do! I own a vernice fiocco wallet in ciclamino, medium sized...and a red "raisin" wallet from spring 2009...

I ended up getting the really small one compartment vernice fiocco metal wallet....for some reason I mail ordered it and they rang it as an iphone case...it does fit an iphone perfectly but it could also hold credit cards and some cash as well instead of the iphone...I adore it!