Miu Miu Gifts 2011 Cute eye candy!


Feb 9, 2011
Yes, I've seen this stuff too, they have most of it in their e-store already :smile: I like the glossy line with bows :tup:
Dec 30, 2007
Miu Miu heaven
YES! I am in love with it too! Please share your pics when you get it...enjoy ! Also, I am trying to decide if I want an iphone case, a keyholder, a pouch or a wallet, there's a wallet version that has 0 compartments inside, it's just like a pouch but flat, the size of a wallet...that's the one I like. It would have been perfect if Miu Miu had made a medium sized wallet...

Love Love Love the new line with the bows.
I'm waiting for my dark pink wallet as we speak.