Miu miu gift advice

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  1. Hi - my boyfriend just gave me a new bag as a surprise (i know, nice!)

    Its $1200 and i've never had such an expensive bag before. I really like it, but i know nothing about bags and current styles/fashion. So, as its such a lot of money i wanted to know what you think? Is it going to be fairly classic or is it out of date?

    I can't find a picture of it anywhere online other than this ebay one in a different color. Mine's more a petrol blue shade, if anyone knows what its called that would be great!


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  2. I love it. You have a great boyfreind. I think the style is classic and the color is neutral so you won't get sick of it.
  3. Thanks for your comment!

    I have never had a designer bag before and as i couldn't find it anywhere on any website i was just wondering if it was an old style or something.

    He chose it and said i could exchange it so although i really like it i didnt want to keep it and have him spend all that money if it is an outdated style.
  4. hi, congrats on your new miu miu

    this question should really be posted on the miu miu sub forum.

    the bag is the vitello lux in denim colour and is a current style and colour

    hope you love it...
  5. Hi, welcome!:welcome:
    We actually have a miu miu forum, let me move this for you :yes:
  6. Lovely boyfriend and I think your bag is awesome! The color too.
  7. Lovely BF!!!

    this bag is a classic in my book - it has been repeated for a few season now! Enjoy her!
  8. Yes, it's definitely a classic...and it's a keeper!! you'll love it!!
  9. It's very sweet of your boyfriend and he has great style too. It's a classic design and a lovely colour. You can't go wrong with it. Enjoy!
  10. Great! Thanks everyone. I do love it, but i've never spent anywhere near that much on a bag before and wanted to be sure it was worth it.

    I can tell i'm going to be hooked from now on...!
  11. Agree with everyone else, it's a classic! I'm actually targeting that for my next bag. Just not too sure if it's too small for me, cos i am used to bigger bags. Hee. Congrats! I'm sure you're going to be addicted to it. :biggrin:
  12. I have that bag too. In sughero (light brown). I think it's a classic and your bf has great style!
  13. That was my b-day gift (in the fumo color pictured). I love it; it's an awesome bag.
  14. Congrats! I have the same bag in nube (actually, I think the one in the picture is a nube; fumo is a darker grey). Your boyfriend is so sweet. Enoy the bag!