Miu Miu Fringe in Violet?

  1. Hey Ladies

    I was told today that the Miu Miu Fringe also comes in Violet?
    Anyone seen it before? I cant find it on an:shrugs:y internet sites?!
  2. No one has ever seen this bag in violet?? I called the MIU MIU Store today at Madison Avenue in NY and they didnt even know about a violet one.. but I was told today here in Vienna Austria in a store what sells like ALL miu miu stores.. basically ONLY miu miu handbags
  3. I'd love to see one....sounds wonderful!
  4. a violet would be amazing, never saw one though
  5. anyone saw it in red? at this weird site in the internet they also offer it in red but I pretty sure that its a fake... But do they also produce fakes in colours what arent even on the market?